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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Ceramics and Hatz?

I'm wondering how many of our clients blog? This is something I have just discovered and wow it's fun.

Did I mention that I'm taking a ceramics class at Moorpark College? This has been great fun and I plan to take the second semester class as well. I love the pottery wheel. It is my goal to get one for my home. Next will be the kiln. If anyone knows of any used equipment available in the Ventura and Los Angeles county areas, please let me know.

I recently went to the Ventura County Harvest Festival just to see the ceramics vendors. I was a little disappointed that very few actually showed up for the fair. I was told by the "Jax - Hatz" lady that the Pomona Harvest Festival, during the first week of December, is much bigger and has many more vendors. I'll be there.

Speaking of hats, I bought one. It is so wonderful that I wore it around the house with my pajamas. Needless to say, I looked ridiculous with that combination, but I loved the hat so much....well I just had to. If you do take a look at the website I posted for Jax, the one I purchased is the Cortland, but mine is brown and tan ribbed. It looks quite 1930, my favorite design era. Here is a picture of the hat on one of the models. Another interesting note about Jax Hatz is that they don't seem to crush the hair - the main reason I usually don't wear hats. I was very impressed as you can see. I highly recommend checking out their website. Enjoy.


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