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Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tired of Junk Mail? You can stop some of it.

We receive so much junk mail that frequently important mail is lost among the advertising circulars. We have discovered that there is something a frustrated mail box owner can do.

While not clearly disclosed to folks, advertisers must include the means to contact them on the circulars they send out. This information is usually found in the very small print along the edge of the mailing. When you call that number, there is usually an option to opt out of any future mailings.

Two big local advertisers that have taken up the bulk of our mailbox have been Valpak and the Pennysaver.

If you want to increase the functional availability of your mailbox, you can contact Valpak and Pennysaver and tell them to stop all mailings to your address. Their contact information is:

Pennysaver - CALIFORNIA:

Kern, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside,
San Bernadino, Ventura and Tulare Counties

Private Party: (800) 995-3333
Commercial: (714) 996-8900
Email: PrivateSCA@PennySaverUSA.com

San Diego County
Private Party: (888) 736-6972
Commercial: (760) 599-1400

Bay Area & San Jose
Private Party: (800) 947-3669
Commercial: (800) 947-3669
Email: ads@pennysaverusa.com

Private Party: (800) 947-3669
Commercial: (916) 636-2200

Stockton & San Joaquin County
Private Party: (800) 947-3669
Commercial: (800) 947-3669

When calling the numbers above, listen to the voicemail options and follow them to consumer services and distribution. There will be a voicemail that will ask you for your address. In addition and for your records, you may want to email them so you have a date and time of request in writing.

For Valpak, including the "blue envelope" advertising, send an email to:

and request all mail advertising to stop immediately.

Unfortunately Valpak is stating that it typically takes a couple of months to stop because they send to so many homes. This does seem quite unreasonable. It would seem that multiple requests may be necessary to help them get the message.

Best wishes


Anonymous said...

I use teh services of Myjunktree and they helped my stop almost all of the junk mail. I was able to choose what I wanted stopped. I stopped the Phone Books, Credit Card offers, Catalogs,and Misc Junk Mail. I was also able to get my free annual credit report from thier site. I found accounts I thought I closed a long time ago. Great service check these guys out.

My Mobile Notary said...

Very nice website and certainly a great service. Too bad they charge $20 per year. It would seem since we are not interested in getting mail, we don't ask for it, that there would be a fee to stop it. Sounds ridiculous to me.

Victor Cardi said...

Great Post!! I am going to visit some of those links!! I am so tired of getting so much junk mail!! Way to go over there!!! VICTOR