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Thursday, November 29, 2007


OK....so this is random, and I did not intend to get into parenting issues as part of this site. Doesn't fit. BUT, this is a great idea :-)

For those having problems getting a response from their household younglings, this is a nifty way to get their attention. It's bright and colorful, constantly moves, electronic - it seems to match many of the other gadgets that so gets the younger imagination. And heck, it could even improve reading skills.

In this age of electronic gadgets, video games, iphones, ipods, etc., it appears our kids are slipping into an unconscious state. I have found it necessary to repeat requests much more than should be necessary. Around here we have taken steps to limit inattention and frustration, and yes some of this has involved gadgets such as phone intercoms to keep voices at a reasonable level.

But this new idea is just the aces! For those parents that are just too tired of saying "clean your room" while looking at the same aging heap, here is a new-age approach to an age-old problem.......... This is a 37 inch LED display. It has a 30 inch message board and comes with 26 preprogrammed messages such as "Happy Birthday", "Job Well Done", etc. It also has a keyboard on the back for creating unique messages - such as "Clean your room".

On a positive note, it can be used at the front window to welcome home a wrestling champion, straight A student, birthday person. On the other hand though, just think of the attention this electronic device would get for peaceful reminders such as clean your room! Placed across the dresser top, it could work wonders. This model is available on ebay.com for $69.99.

Can't find the dresser top? No problem. There are wall models available. Check Alpha LED. Their sales tag claims these to "communicate, inform, educate, and inspire". I like it!

What a fun way to keep the peace around town.

Have fun this holiday season. :-)

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Petula Wright said...

Cool gadget. Thanks for sharing.