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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jake The Notary Navigator

Some of my clients may recognize this guy as waiting from the explorer's center console while his boss is working. This is Jake. He is the official notary navigator and explorer guardian. He loves his job. He also loves to frequent Office Depot, Home Depot, Best Buy, patio restaurants, and the city and beaches of Carmel.

His special talents include pushing chairs to get to places normally out of reach, saying "hubba hubba", stealing entire steaks within a nano second, finding an open Guinness within 500 ft, herding other animals, monitoring all household activity, scaring the gas man and DHL driver (not the Fedex and UPS drivers - they are too professional for any nonsense), and the usual give paw, sit up, play dead, roll over, etc.

Everyone always asks what kind of dog he is. Well......he was acquired from the local dog shelter so it's all a guess. But the vets that have seen him are guessing part bassett hound and part english bull dog. He is certainly eye catching. He has big light brown eyes and can use them quite well when there is food involved in the transaction.

Another interesting tidbit about Jake is his cost. Although adopted from the shelter, Jake is quite an expensive dog. His health is insured to 100% with an initial deductible of $50. This was a good move, as Jake frequently gets himself in trouble. On one occasion, he got into the pantry and ate an entire bag of Ghirradelli's Chocolate Brownie Mix. This was quite an emergency when it was discovered and almost cost Jake his life. He was rushed to the vet to have his stomach pumped and other delightful interventions. The cost of that adventure was well over $1000, however he is here today to tell about it. There have been other such adventures which have left us so grateful for the day we decided to insure his health. Actually in comparing our health policy to Jake's. It appears he has the better coverage. In fact the insurance company that insures Jake, no longer offers 100% coverage, and I suspect it has something to do with Jake. Since his policy was grandfathered in, you could say he's locked and loaded for all future adventures. He's kind of the Evil Knieval of dogs. What a guy..

This post is categorized under "Notary". I guess you could say he is an employee. He has daily hours and duties and health benefits. Which makes me wonder if he is a possible tax deduction for my corporation. I'll have to check in with the accountant.


Anonymous said...

Oh, don't you wish you could use him as a tax deduction. I know I wish we could for our 2 dogs and 3 cats. Your blog is very interesting, and Jake sounds adorable. Funny how some dogs just get themselves into a pickle on a regular basis. Good luck with him and hope he stays out of trouble for a while.

boness said...

Hi i wonder if you could share you indurance company name that you use for your little guy. he is adorable. if you are willing share the cost of the insurance and any helpfull info as well. my email is movie4u@aol.com if you prefer to exchange that way. thanks much
William V. Powers

My Mobile Notary said...

The insurance I have for my dogs is through Pet Care Insurance. petcareinsurance.com

I have had this insurance for almost two years. I have nothing but the highest regard for these folks. For every incident, they have reimbursed expenses within two weeks. There have been no hassles and I have been able to use board certified specialists for the serious illnesses such as cancer and glaucoma. My policy costs about $73 per month for two dogs. My third dog is much older and the coverage would not have been worth it, so he is not insured. He actually seems to be the most healthy dog. I figured at least I wouldn't be clobbered if I had coverage on at least the two younger dogs.

If anyone decides to use their services, please let me know as I can get a $25 referral fee.

Thanks and I hope this helps.