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Friday, September 28, 2007

Notary for Consumers Purchasing Extended Constracts at Electronic Stores?

Here'a an idea that I think is worthy of consideration. Why not have a notary meet you at Best Buy, Circuit City, or other site of a salesman offering an extended contract policy to go along with your electronic purchase?

I don't typically purchase extended warranties myself. However, I have gotten them on electronic items that are high risk for damage, such as GPS navigators and laptops. GPS navigators seem to die frequently. Laptops are just high risk for dropping, keys falling off, etc. Well, the contracts seem to make sense.

My GPS from Best Buy did well with the extended warranty from Best Buy. The unit died several times and each time Best Buy replaced it without issue. I was happy I had the warranty and now have much better unit than I started out with.

However, a recent difficulty with Circuit City has taught me the level of dishonesty of Circuit City and the salesman I worked with. I was told that the enormously expensive extended warranty would cover the laptop from all malfunctions and perils. In addition, if something did happen to the laptop, I would have a new unit within a couple of days. Not so. In fact, it's not possible to get a repair within several days. A Circuit City warranty dictates that the laptop must "mailed" out after one must wait several days just to have a box "mailed" to their residence. Then, after the unit is sent, one must wait several weeks to hear anything. Although, the unit was shutting off without warning, it may have had to do with the fan, Circuit City is stating that it is the software and they probably won't be able to do anything with it. Software causing the unit to overheat and turnoff? That's new.

In doing research on Circuit City, it appears that they do this practice with everyone and there are many unhappy customers to be found around on the internet. Websites such as Consumer Affairs. com, My3Cents.com, RipOffReport.com highlight the details of customer experiences that are hair raising. It is a wonder that they are still in business. I know that I wouldn't purchase a battery from them in the future.

But I was thinking. If one found it absolutely necessary to purchase from them, I would highly recommend scheduling a notary to stop by to take a sworn statement from the store manager or salesman with regard to their warranty. The customer can write down what the store is saying in terms of the coverage and how the warranty works, and the notary can notarize the store manager's statement that the document is true. This type of notarization is a "Jurat". I guess this can work for automobiles and other high risk items. I think it's an idea worth considering these days with so many sales persons just saying anything to make a sale, and companies being so uncaring about the consumer.

If the store manager refuses to make a statement regarding how the warranty works, then there's is your information....they are not being truthful. And when you
"mail" your laptop out, you may feel like you'll never see it again. If you find this to be too much effort, I would then just consider patronizing a local store, such as PC Club, that repairs their computers and laptops right in the store, you can speak to them while looking in their eyes, and usually get your unit back in short time.

So if you are considering purchasing from Circuit City in Thousand Oaks, and are interested in getting the bottom line on paper with the sales manager or sales person, give My Mobile Notary a call to get their statement notarized. I would be honored to participate in a consumer protection effort. If the item is less than $5,000, you can utilize the small claims court in Simi Valley with the document if things don't work out the way the store claims they will.

Just a thought.

23 Freeway Construction Ventura County

Has anyone else noticed that there are NO signs warning of construction, concrete mixers or other trucks randomly pulling out onto the 23 freeway at the construction site?

In driving that area each morning it seems that there has been an incredible increase in traffic accidents. Some of them have looked pretty bad, requiring the assistance of emergency medical services.

Interestingly, there are no flagmen or signs warning motorists of sudden semi trucks blocking the freeway. This seems quite unbelievable. In making numerous phone calls to the California Highway Patrol and Cal Trans, it seems that nothing is planned for safety. All public agencies called report that either there is no increase in accidents OR that the state takes every step to ensure public safety. Yeah, right.

This writer was almost killed recently when a piggy-back semi concrete mixer pulled across the freeway suddenly and without warning.

All motorists are encouraged to call Cal Trans, CHP, and local government offices to demand increased safety measures. Since this is a major route for recent high school graduates traveling to Moorpark College, it is quite likely the next person to be involved in a fatal accident could be a young member of one of our families. Discussing this after something tragic happens does nothing. The CHP office is in Moorpark and the watch commander is Sergeant Moriarty. Sargeant Moriarty indicated that motorists should be aware of the situation even without any signs. This appears to be an unacceptable response. Young drivers make mistakes, and in this section of the freeway currently, mistakes could be fatal. Please let your local officials hear from you.
CHP Moorpark: 610 Spring Road, Moorpark. Sergeant Moriarty 805.553. 0800
CalTrans: District Director Douglas Failing 213.897.3656
CalTrans Project Contact Yessica Jovel 213.897.1876
CalTrans Chief of Staff in Sacraments Srikanth Balasubramanian 916.654.5266

Notary Public

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Half Price Tickets

I love to recommend these guys to everyone I know. This is the greatest ticket service. I found them by accident one day and have been speaking their praises since. I have been a member for a long time now. Membership is merely signing up for their weekly email at no cost. This will bring you a new email each week describing what events are in your area for half price tickets. There is no obligation at any time.

However for the price of going to a mediocre movie, you can enjoy live entertainment in a number of the metropolitan areas they cover. I've seen Al Pacino onstage at the Wadsworth for less than half price, a comedian from Great Britain at UCLA, various plays, and now they have tickets to Cirque for $48 each. They do charge a small service charge, usually about 2 to $4 dollars, but then that's it. Compare that to ticketmaster!

Needless to say, we've sworn off Ticketmaster and go out a lot more these days and still maintain a budget. Thank you Gold Star. So, go sign up and have some fun.

Notary Public

Monday, September 24, 2007

Arts and Crafts Fair at the Ventura Fairgrounds

Coming up on the first weekend in October is the Ventura Harvest Festival. I have never attended before, but it does look like a fun event. I've included a link for further information about the fair. I plan on attending, especially since I have recently begun ceramics class at Moorpark College for fun. I'm enjoying the potter's wheel tremendously. The fair promises to have a variety of artists displaying ceramics and other works. I'm hoping to get some ideas from those with experience.

Since I will be at the fair, if anyone needs anything notarized, bring your document along with current identification, and just give me a call. I can help you right there at the fairgrounds. No travel fee :-)

For more fun things to do, check my main website - Notary Public.

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Half Priced Tickets for Los Angeles and Ventura County Entertainment

Here is a gem that we are very excited to share with you. We enjoy going to plays, concerts, and fun events. However we found the cost of tickets to events really prohibited going out very often. We accidentally found a solution. If you click to our Fun Stuff page on our main website, you will see a cost comparison between Ticketmaster and Gold Star when we purchased tickets for Salome with Al Pacino at the Wadsworth Theater. The difference in cost for Salome was staggering. Also, on the night of the event, we easily picked up our tickets at Will Call and we were in. Two other important facts about this company are important to relay. First, we usually get our tickets at Will Call. What is astonishing is that the even though we are not able to choose seat location, the tickets are ALWAYS the best. The pleasant greeting at the Will Call window just shows to me that Gold Star has a good relationship with local venues. Second, we had tickets for a show, but a week before we found we needed to be some place else at the time of the play. I wrote to the company and explained my situation. I was astonished that they wrote back indicating that they were sorry we were unable to attend and that they would credit us for the tickets. Yes...you did hear that right, they credited us for the tickets. We then were able to purchase tickets for another show on a different night. Try that with Ticketmaster! On a final note, their service fee is minimal and each transaction is smooth. So go check them out and have some fun! Please let us know what events you get to see.

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